Is this you?

Retiring now

Is this you?

Plan for your future comfort

Arriving at retirement should mean you can finally relax and enjoy your life in a way and at a pace that suits you. What you don’t want is for concerns about what you can afford to overshadow your enjoyment.

We are here to help ease any worries you have and provide certainty and answers to questions such as: When should you start drawing down your pension? Should you take a tax-free lump sum? And should you purchase an annuity?

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Retirement planning

You may have arrived at retirement with a clear idea of how you want to spend your time and what goals you want to achieve. But not everybody has that clarity right away. We’ll help you identify what’s important to you and then put together a plan to achieve it.


Cashflow forecasting

Using our sophisticated cashflow modelling tools, we will help you to identify how much you can afford to be spending and whether you can afford to let yourself enjoy life a little more! We’ll map out your finances and show you what you can reasonably expect under a variety of future scenarios and different arrangements.

income planning

Retirement income planning

When should you start drawing down your pension? Should you take a tax-free lump sum? Should you purchase an annuity? There are endless questions to answer as you transition to a new way of living. We’ll help you understand the options available to you and help you gain confidence as you step forward.

Kind words

What our clients say

Skerritts is like a big family, always ready to help, support, and offer valuable insight and understanding alongside their valuable advice.

Mr Cabron
Great communication, super friendly, and they get the job done extremely well every time.

Mr Weir
I'd like to thank you for your thorough and professional services over the past several years. You have helped me organise my finances in preparation for my retirement, and I am very pleased with the service I received.

Mrs Adams
I am so pleased that I reached out to Skerritts for help, and when I left your office, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The options you gave me and the way that it was explained was comforting, as I understood it all.

Mr Bishop
Service is always excellent, top marks!

Mr Pinsent

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