How we work

Your journey



Initial meeting

This is a chance for us to get to know each other better and establish if, and how, we can help you. We will explain what we do and how financial planning works and ask about what brought you to us, your financial circumstances and your objectives. There is no obligation for you to commit to anything during this meeting. There is no charge for this meeting.



Gathering information

We’ll take you through a series of questions to obtain a detailed and clear picture of your finances; the facts and figures and details of your current financial arrangements and plans. This is a chance for us to find out what you want to achieve; your goals, your specific worries and challenges, and what your ideal future looks like.



Research and analysis

This stage is completed alongside our in-house paraplanning and investment teams who will use their specialist research and analysis skills to find solutions and strategies that provide you with the greatest benefit. We use cutting-edge software to build your cashflow model, illustrating how your finances are likely to look at different stages of your life and under different “what if” scenarios.



Presenting our plans

Next, we’ll present our findings using a range of visual tools and methods. We’ll show you our research and our recommendations for how you can move forward. We’ll include details of any changes that need to take place for you to reach your goals in your desired timeframe. We will explain each of our recommendations fully, allowing you time to ask questions before making a decision.



Implementing your plan

If you decide you’d like to implement the changes we have recommended, we’ll take the strain from you, contacting providers and dealing with the communications and paperwork on your behalf. We’ll update you on our progress at all stages and keep things moving along at pace.



Reviewing your progress

After we have implemented your plan, we will invite you to regular review meetings to see how well you are progressing towards your goals and what, if anything, needs changing in the strategy. If your circumstances or the wider economy change, we can adapt the plan to ensure you remain on track to your end goals.