Can you guess the average house price on the most expensive street in the UK?

It’ll come as no surprise that the most expensive UK street to buy a property on is in London. But how much do you think a house on Phillimore Gardens will set you back?

According to Halifax, an average property on the tree-lined street of Victorian houses will set you back £22.8 million – 83 times the national average property price. The beautiful street is in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

According to the Guardian, a property on Phillimore Gardens was sold in 2022 for more than £37 million and pushed up the average price of the street. Looking at how the value of that home has changed highlights soaring property prices. It was last sold in 2014 for £19.75 million, so the sellers have made a profit of 89% in less than a decade. Before that, it was sold for just £1.7 million in 2002.

The top 10 most expensive streets in the UK are in the capital

With property prices that are far higher than in other parts of the country, London is where the most expensive streets in the UK are. In fact, all the top 10 are in the capital and just one street outside of London made it into the top 20.

The single street in the top 20 outside of the capital is Titlarks Hills, Sunningdale, Berkshire. Here, the average property costs £12.3 million. The private road is in a sought-after area with local amenities just a short walk away.

Kim Kinnaird, mortgages director at Halifax, said: “For almost all of us, these homes and their eye-watering price tags are the stuff fantasy house hunts are made of.

“That said, the price of a prestigious address can differ hugely across the UK. Living on the most expensive street in the north-east or east Midlands will cost something closer to £1.5 million.”

Take a look at the table below to find the most expensive street in your region.

  • Region

    Yorkshire and the Humber
    West Midlands
    East Midlands
    East of England

  • Average price

    £1.55 million
    £3.18 million
    £2.36 million
    £1.9 million
    £1.6 million
    £4.24 million
    £12.3 million
    £4.08 million
    £1.7 million

  • Street Names

    Ramside Park, Durham
    Broadway, Altrincham
    Manor House Lane, Leeds
    Bakers Lane, Solihull
    Warren Hill, Leicester
    Chaucer Road, Cambridge
    Titlarks Hill, Ascot
    Lawrence Drive, Poole
    Benar Headland, Pwllheli

While these streets are among the most expensive in the country, separate research suggests other areas have seen the biggest price increase in the last year.

Property prices in York soared by 23% in 2022

Further data from Halifax shows that York saw the biggest property price increase in 2022 across towns and cities. The average value of property in the historic walled city increased by 23.1% last year, compared to a national average of 15.2%.

In contrast, while London property is still comfortably the most expensive in the country, it experienced growth of just 7.2%. In fact, no London boroughs appeared in the top growth areas for year-on-year house price increases.

The Covid-19 pandemic and increased remote working opportunities have been linked to property prices in the capital cooling.

A trend has seen buyers seeking bigger properties that are further away from urban centres. Commuter towns are benefiting from this, with the likes of Woking, Chelmsford, and Hove recording much larger increases over the last year.

Property prices across the country have a long way to go before they’d near the same prices as London, but they could still deliver value and opportunities for growth over the long term.

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