Have you Retired already?

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Have you Retired Already? 

‘The trouble with retirement is you never get a day off’ - Abe Lemons.

If you’re retired already you’ll know better than anyone the importance of looking after your retirement pot in order to make it last and do the best for you that it can.

Investing in retirement is not all about providing income. You will probably need a bit of capital growth as well if the income is to be maintained. Worst of all is to dip too aggressively into your capital as inflation, depleted capital and falling income is not a good recipe for a happy and carefree retirement period.

Although it’s not nice to think about, another element of retirement is making sure that your family or other parties benefit from your achievements when you are not here any more. Early planning and provision is essential to ensure that your estate benefits as you want it to. We can help with all of this.