Planning for Retirement?

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Planning for Retirement 

‘Welfare is not a Retirement Plan’ - ‘How to Retire Happy, Wild & Free’
‘Denial is not a Retirement Plan’ - Sydney Lagier

So if denial nor welfare are retirement plans, what are?

We won’t all be in a position to draw upon a robust company pension scheme, so we will need to plan for retirement ourselves. For many, retirement plan equals pension plan. While pensions are excellent tax efficient means of planning for retirement, they are not the only answer.

Planning for retirement is all about having enough to live on when you’re not working any longer – and this may stretch out over a number of years. Don’t underestimate what you’re going to need.

Pension income is taxable, so you should maximise your ISA allowances each year to give yourself as much tax free income as possible in retirement. You may invest money along the way, so you may prefer to build a buy to let portfolio of properties.

Whichever route you choose, as with other financial planning, it’s unlikely to achieve its full potential without a good deal of care and attention.

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