Ensuring your Estate Planning is in place

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Estate Planning 

At Skerritts, we believe good estate planning is about so much more than just money; a good plan ensures that what you want to happen will happen.

A well thought out plan can prevent the problem of placing your family in the position of facing uncertainty or difficulty at the worst possible time, weather in your later years or after death.

As your last will & testament is a key part of IHT planning, we work with your chosen legal experts taking time to understand your personal circumstances, living will and final wishes before we review the tax efficiency for your estate.

Inheritance tax is due on the estate of a person who passes away or, potentially, on trusts and gifts that have been made by a person during their lifetime. There is inheritance tax liability on an estate if the value has exceeded a set government threshold.

However, it is possible – with careful planning and good advice – to mitigate or altogether avoid Inheritance Tax charges.

Our report can provide you with a comprehensive overview of your current Inheritance Tax position taking into account any interactions with the Capital Gains Tax regime, and highlight potential amendments that may improve your position.