Our Investment Approach

Our in-house investment team has a strong track record of managing portfolios with an active and disciplined approach. With over 30 years of combined investment experience, they are continually monitoring the global economy and financial markets to ensure our clients have exposure to attractive investment opportunities, but minimise losses when conditions are more challenging. We also utilise independent economic analysis to complement our internal research capabilities.

We offer a range of investment solutions, from low risk to high risk, as well as an income strategy. These are well diversified by both geography and asset class, which can include shares, bonds, cash and alternative investments. This provides access to the expertise of leading investment managers from across the world, and our size and buying power means we are often able to negotiate lower fund charges for our clients.

An Investment Committee provides formal oversight of our investment team. This is to ensure our investment strategies are managed within their risk parameters, and to regularly challenge the portfolio construction and investment selection process. Whether you require regular income, capital growth, or safeguarding of your assets, our robust risk management framework helps us to provide consistent client outcomes.

The price of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and neither is guaranteed. Investors may not get back the capital they invested



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