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Wealth Management

Our Philosophy 

“Money is always on its way somewhere. What we do with it while it’s in our keeping says much about us” - Rosalie Maggio

Having accumulated wealth of some degree, time needs to be spent on managing it so that it performs as you need and expect it to. It probably has not been created by accident, so why leave its performance to chance?

At Skerritts we know that what appears to have been a good idea at one time can turn into a bad one very quickly. Over the past ten years there have been times to be invested in cash, gilts, corporate bonds, stocks and shares, and gold. In equal measure though, each of these asset classes has produced shock and disappointment to those holding them. In today’s world, diversification and flexibility is key. Timing and luck are often confused, but you can make your own luck by spending time on re-evaluating your investment decisions.

That’s what we do professionally and we work with our clients to nurture their assets, to change with whatever backdrop World Leaders provide. We all have money from time to time. It’s what we do with it that ultimately matters.

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