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Investors in People

Skerritt Consultants is proud to be an Investor In People. Skerritts was awarded this status in 2002 and successfully kept it in place through ongoing assessments.

Investors in People – What is it?

Investors in People works to a Standard that provides a framework that helps organisations to improve performance and realise objectives through the effective management and development of their people.

Everyone agrees that people are an organisation’s greatest asset, and we all know that for an organisation to succeed everyone has to perform well. To achieve this, people need the right knowledge, skills and motivation to work efficiently.

No matter what the size or type of your organisation, the Investors in People Standard is there to help you improve the way you work. You have to meet the same criteria – or ‘indicators’ – as other organisations, but the Standard recognises that you will meet them in your own way.

Investors in People recognises that organisations use different means to achieve success through their people. The Standard does not prescribe any one method, but it provides a framework to help you find the most suitable means for achieving success through your people.

Source – Investors in People

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