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Why Chartered status matters for Skerritts and continued development

We are delighted to confirm that we have received our confirmation and been awarded corporate Chartered Financial Planners status by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). 

This is a highly-prestigious designation with demanding qualification criteria. It signifies to our customers and partners that we are very serious in our pursuit of the highest standards, as well as confirming that we have a commitment at the highest level to professional qualifications and it demonstrates our adherence to ethical good practice.  Click here for more information on the importance of being Chartered.

As a condition of our being Chartered, the CII imposes certain requirements on staff to ensure that professional standards are maintained.

In particular:

Qualified staff who are members of the PFS/CII must comply with any CPD requirements (details can be found at

PFS/CII members must conform with the CII’s Code of Ethics (details can be found at

An annual return needs to be made, by the firm, confirming these requirements have been met.

We are confident that being a Chartered firm will serve us well.

It will sharpen even more our professionalism with our customers, and it will cement relationships with other professional firms, which place great store on the right to bear a Chartered title.

There is also additional background information available through the CII website,  visit