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New Client Portal
A new improved Client Portal called Wealth Platform is now in operation. This is replacing the existing site you are currently using from 1st January 2017.
Guidance for Clients who have held their login prior to 7th July 2016

If you have held your current login prior to 7th July 2016 your existing login for Esprit will work within the new system. An extra layer of security has been implemented and you will be guided through this on your first login. 

Please note you will need a mobile or landline available to you for this security step.

You are able to commence your registration prior to 1st January if you wish. You can login using this link or alternatively you can visit our website and login using the icon “Wealth Platform” within the client login page.

Guidance for Clients who have held their login from 8th July 2016

If your login was granted on or post 8th July 2016 you will need to contact us and we will arrange a new login for you. Please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you. You will need to have your email address and your mobile number registered with us to complete the registration.

Navigating the new Wealth Platform
  • Once you are logged into the Wealth Platform there are video guides to help you navigate the system. These can be found by clicking the arrow at the top right hand side bar of the web page, which will bring a drop down menu for you. 

    Please click on My Learning and your videos will be available for you.


    If you have any questions please contact reception on 01273 204999 who will be happy to help you.