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The Skerritts Way

Our advice process comprises five key stages and is designed to help identify the most appropriate range of solutions aligned to achieving your financial objectives: 
1 – Discovery Meeting

The first meeting is at our expense (so without charge or obligation) and provides us with the opportunity to get to know you and vice versa. 

During the initial meeting we will talk about your goals and objectives and how we are able to help you achieve these.

It is important that we also fully understand your

Current personal circumstances

Attitude to investment risk

Financial position

Existing investments and policies

2 – Assessing your options

This often involves understanding your current arrangements and plans before considering any changes, before undertaking any financial planning on your behalf we will confirm how our fees and charges work and agree this with you prior to proceeding by issuing a bespoke Terms of Engagement document.

3 – Solutions

We then undertake specific research to formulate the most appropriate planning and investment solutions.

These recommendations are then documented in a Suitability Report highlighting the opportunities to organise your arrangements more effectively in order to achieve your stated goals.

4 – Implementation

Once you are happy to proceed we can then arrange all necessary steps to ensure your decisions are implemented thoroughly, accurately and in a timely fashion.

We can assist you with completing any paperwork required for the implementation, and monitor the process to ensure the speedy completion of your applications.

Once the processing is complete you will be sent policy documents and/ or statements of Investment for safe keeping. Then we will create a login for you on our own extranet and where possible integrate all of your plans in one place.

5 – Ongoing Governance

True holistic financial planning must consider all areas of your financial situation in order to work effectively and should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure your plans stay on track.

We recommend an annual review with your adviser in order to agree the on-going governance service to be provided and the corresponding fee through our bespoke client agreement.

The review is designed to:

identify any changes to your personal circumstances

check your attitude to investment risk

discuss the valuation of your financial arrangements

keep your financial plan on track

liaise with investment managers/providers where appropriate

provide access to our technical & support teams

explain other services available from Skerritts

maintain your file and client records

The review service will be provided by way of an annual meeting organised at your convenience with one of our qualified financial planners, to review the Wealth Plan and your circumstances. If they change, the cycle will start again and we will implement a revised strategy for you.