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We believe in being transparent about our fees, and we are happy to disclose how we charge here. Even though there are no regulations that say we must, we believe it is only right for you to understand the costs involved at an early stage.

The work we do is split into the Initial Fee and Ongoing Charges, and the costs will vary depending on the service you have signed up to. The initial meeting will be held at our expense, and there is no obligation for you to commit to anything during this meeting.

Below, we have outlined the fees we charge for our five service propositions. You can find out more about each service in detail by clicking the button below.

Our services

The value of financial advice

If you have never spoken to a financial planner before, you may be wondering why you should rely on someone else to oversee your finances.

Research by the International Longevity Centre UK, updated in 2019, demonstrated that people who receive financial advice increase their wealth by an average of £47,706. Those with an ongoing relationship with a financial adviser increase their average pension wealth by nearly 50%.

Our fees

Initial fees

The initial fee includes researching platforms and providers, information gathering, a detailed analysis to help inform your decisions, recommendations on how to make your money work harder, and a written report to explain our recommendations. All initial fees are capped at £15,000.

For clients on our Wealth Builder, Wealth Management and Wealth Advisory service, we charge the following:

Value of assets Initial fee
Up to £250,000 2%
£250,000 to £1,000,000 1%
More than £1,000,000 0.5%
Our fees

Ongoing financial planning charges

It is important to assess your finances and goals regularly. We give you the option to sign up to our ongoing service, where we will review your portfolio and circumstances annually.

The review allows us to identify any changes in your circumstances and update your risk profile and capacity for loss. We will also conduct a review of your investments and other financial planning products held with us, and we will assess the suitability and performance of your investments in conjunction with your overall goal.

Service Annual fee
Wealth Builder 0.75% (minimum £400 per annum)
Wealth Management 0.75% (minimum £1,500 per annum)
Wealth Advisory 1% (minimum £2,000 per annum)
Band % Adviser Fee £
£600,000 0.75% £4,500.00
Example 2


Fee: 0.75%

Band % Adviser Fee
Ongoing FP Fee 0.75%
OCF (investment) 0.74%
Platform 0.23%
Total 1.72%
What You Can Expect To Pay:

Wealth Management

Client Total Charges

Kind words

What our clients say

I am so pleased that I reached out to Skerritts for help, and when I left your office, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The options you gave me and the way that it was explained was comforting, as I understood it all.

Mr Bishop
I have been impressed and pleased with the service so far. Everything had been explained to me, with no pressure to make decisions until I felt confident.

Mrs Woods
I have used Skerritts for both mortgage and financial advice, specifically pensions. I have since recommended them to my brother, who is also very happy with the help he’s received.

Mrs Lyons
Skerritts always give prompt responses and thorough information, backed up with phone calls and emails. I feel able to ask any questions and discuss any queries.

Mrs Pennington
Great communication, super friendly, and they get the job done extremely well every time.

Mr Weir

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