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Comparetoinsure - Our online insurance comparison partner

Skerritts , in conjunction with Comparetoinsure  provide an online  comparison of insurance products by premiums and product features so you can quickly and easily assess your options without having to leave your computer.

If you would like the control to compare features and set up your own simple financial and insurance products online, Skerritts have decided to partner with a service which not only offers great value, but also compares the features included. You are able to compare not only the premium, but also what the policy covers. We feel this is an important distinguishing feature and vital to ensure our clients not only get a great price, but also the cover they require. 

Why not give it a try?

a) Skerritt Consultants Ltd acts only as an introducer to the PayingTooMuch.com website. It is PayingTooMuch.com (a service operated by Eclipse Financial Systems Ltd) which provides the price comparison service and it is PayingTooMuch.com (as operated by Eclipse Financial Systems Ltd) who are responsible for the data contained within their own website.

b) The PayingTooMuch.com service offered through the Skerritt Consultants Ltd website is a non-advised service. If you require independent financial advice which is tailored to your circumstances, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Financial Planners at Skerritt Consultants Ltd.

 c) For a full copy of the terms of business for PayingTooMuch.com, including the contact details if you wish to make a complaint regarding the PayingTooMuch.com website, please visit the Terms and Conditions section of the PayingTooMuch.com website which can be found at the following web link: http://www.payingtoomuch.com/docs/terms-and-conditions.aspx


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