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Ambrose Fisher Limited

Ambrose Fisher is now part of the Skerritts family

Skerritts purchase of Ambrose Fisher was announced in September 2023. Since then, we have worked on integrating work processes and speaking to clients to make sure they are aware of any changes or new implementations.

This acquisition further extends Skerritts’ presence in the region, as the group looks to continue to grow across the South of England.

Paul Feeney, CEO of Skerritts says:
“As part of our strategic plans to increase our presence in the South East, adding a high quality firm such as Ambrose Fisher to the group enables us to do so while adding Simon Fisher to our great team of people. We very much look forward to working with him.”

Simon Fisher, Director of Ambrose Fisher says:
“I have spent some considerable time looking thoroughly at potential companies that could
ensure that we are fully resourced and are able to continue to offer the full range of services to our clients. I have also been taking a longer-term view with regards to succession planning. It was obvious that Skerritts are the best choice for the safeguarding of our clients’ financial future.”

If you want to read the full press release from the acquisition, click here.


The future

With Skerritts being involved, our clients will benefit in several ways from growing expertise, improved technology and software solutions as well as Skerritts discretionary investment service.

When it comes to using new technology, Skerritts are keen to find new, better solutions and are currently offering clients a range of services to enhance their experience. For example, the Personal Finance Platform (PFP), monthly newsletters, quarterly webinars and an automated meeting booking calendar.

With their own investment team and multi-asset portfolios, the VT Esprit Range, your money will be handled with the highest level of efficiency possible. You can learn more about Skerritt investment proposition here.

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